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Brian J. Wild

As a freelance writer, entrepreneur, and conjuror of creativity, I've experienced countless interactions with the beautiful, absurd, humorously unpredictable forces that make up our world. I've had the privilege of travelling across Europe and the United States, meeting the most amazingly interesting people, and learning from them the lessons of life. I intend to use these invaluable experiences to create ways to effectively express the humanity that drives every successful business. Technology has provided unlimited channels for organizations to communicate with their intended audience. Regardless of the route chosen, the element most important to reaching consumers is Personality! 

My love for art, culture and people have led me to a career of film and video production, with experience ranging from zero-budget collegiate projects to large budget feature films. In an industry that demands tremendous amounts of energy, hard-work, and creativity, I am always determined to exceed the expectations of those with whom I work. I consistently strive to maintain a reputation as a pleasure to work with and quick learner.

My combination of degrees from the culturally enriched College of Liberal Arts and the esteemed Carlson School of Management has sculpted my capacity for uniquely perceiving the world through the eyes of both an artist and a businessman; as an individual and a collaborator; and ultimately as a creative-thinker and a problem solver. 

Please feel free to contact me any time, day or night!
I encourage you to visit the Minnesota Nice Productions Facebook page and Twitter feed!
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